La Grande Danse Macabre (Regain Records 2001)

Album review

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Marduk is one of the most extreme bands in the whole black metal genre today. They have played togheter for over 10 years. The first album "Dark Endless" came in 1992 and they have released many records since then.
Their previous album was a double live album called "Infernal Eternal". It was released in 2000 and was a tribute to all the the fans that have stuck with them along the way.

Morgan Steinmeyer-HŚkansson - guitar
B.War - bass
Fredrik Andersson - drums
Legion - lead vocals

My first introduction to Marduk came with "Infernal Eternal", so I canít say so much about their development and progress during the years. But in my opinion, it seems like Marduk is trying to renew themselves and their music. It seems like they want to get better with what they do, but at the same time they havenít lost their brutal approach.
They have spent a lot of time on this album, and itís very well-worked. "La Grande Danse Macabre" was recorded in the famous Abyss Studio in Sweden and mixed by Peter Tšgtgren. It is produced by the band, and the album contains 10 tracks. "Musicwie" is real fast, but there are also some slower passages squeezed in on some of the songs. When it somes to the lead vocals I think that Legion has a very limited vocal capacity. It doesnít happen so much in the vocal area, itís pure black metal vocals all the way.
"Azrael" is a typical black metal song with some slower passages in the middle. "Pompa Funbris 1660" is an instrumental track with some heavy drums and fast guitars. "Obedience Unto Death", "Deathsex Ejaculation", and "Jesus Christ Sodomized" are some really fast brutal black metal songs. More of the extreme, brutal black metal is found on the track "Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony", but in this song, Marduk has put some thoughts in the track and sick tempo changes in it too. In the intro to the titletrack, itís only drums and guitar before it starts off and Legion joins in with his typical black metal vocal. Itís heavy, but not so fast on the titletrack. Other tracks that donít have such high speed are "Funeral Bitch" and "Summer End". "Summer End" is also very short.
Marduk is one of today's most extreme black metal bands, and they can hold their heads high īcause they are one of the best black metal bands right now. Sure, Marduk is very good at what they do, but it can be kind of tiring to listen to Legions voice. He's got to variate his voice, and also expand his vocal range a bit. Later this year the follow up "World Funeral" is going to be released, itís sure longed for by the fans.

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Album Rating: Rating 8/10

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall