Iron Maiden

Edward The Great (Sanctuary 2002)

Album review

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It's a Greatest Hits cd! How can you go wrong? Well, if the wrong songs are on it you can. Luckily, you can avoid that problem by getting this one. Edward The Great might seem just like another record company money grabing ploy, re-releasing songs that have already been remastered and re-released a dozen times over, but it actually is a good little collection. The disk does what it can to span the band's existance on a single cd. Of course many a die hard Maiden fan will cry foul of the songs missing, but there is only so much room. The old stand bys are here including "The Trooper", "Wasted Years", "2 Minutes To Midnight", and "Run To The Hills", (which I actually wish had been excluded because I've heard it soooo many fuckin' times). It's good to have if you don't have a 5+ cd changer and want a good mix of Maiden, or *gasp* haven't gotten into them yet and want a good taste.

Album Rating:
Reviewed by: Wolfie