Machine Head

Hellalive (Roadrunner 2003)

album review

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Machine Head's first ever offical live release...about bloody time. We've been craving a video since the first album (ahem, where's that DVD?) but for now here's a taste. Say what you will about the band's last 2 albums, but they can still cut it live. The set list covers a nice selection of material from all four albums, although I could've done without "American High" (you guys have better songs). The mix is clear, which is crucial on a live album, and the band comes across very "live" indeed. Newer material like "The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears" is noticably crushing compared to it's studio album version, but classic material like "Old" suffers from lack of a 2nd guitar (come on Robb, do it like the old days!). "Take My Scars" is scathing, like a nice road rash, and just when you think it can't get any more brutal, on comes the next track. "I'm Your God Now" sounds downright amazing, can't even remember the last time I heard that one live (if ever). The old school lesson continues with a bone-breaking rendition of "None But My Own" before tumbling into "From This Day", (which I must admit sounds pretty good here). I feel "The Burning Red" was done well, calms the crowd down a bit before slaming them over the head with the ever-heavy "Davidian".
If you don't have any soundboard MH bootlegs I'd definately pick this up, hell, even if you do...I mean come on, what are the chances of it sounding this good and having this setlest?

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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