Killswitch Engage

Alive Or Just Breathing (Roadrunner 2002)

Album review

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Well, local Massachusetts Hardcore heroes, Killswitch Engage have made the jump from indie to biggie. After touring and wowing crowds around the country with their self-titled Ferret Records release, Roadrunner decided to snach 'em up on their ever changing rooster. After trying to grab many different nu-metal bands and watching most fail quickly, Killswitch Engage should be the start of a return to more talented underground sounding bands. With the help of Andy Sneep, they push their mix of American metalcore with Swedish death metal into a new level with a dash of melotic vocals. This album rocks your lame ass from start to finish. "My Last Serenade" could be a radio single if most "metal" radio wasn't a bunch of diaper wearing pansy division members. Other songs like "Self-Revolution", "The Element of One" and "Just Barely Breathing" make this a cd to play all the way, back to back. This album should still be a must-have for old skool KsE fans, new fans and kids that have never heard anything like this. This is a perfect album to start converting nu-metal kids over to the dark side. One of the best I've heard this year!

Reviewed by: Dan White

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