A Search For Reason (Revolution 1998)

album review

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I saw these guys open for Slayer/Fear Factory late last year, and a few other bands (back when they were Kilgore Smudge)...and they just grew on me... I wanted to get this cd for awhile, and now that I finally have's a review. to describe Kilgore's 2nd album...the vocals are very distiquished, Jay's singing style is pretty unique (that or I just can't think of anything it compares some places maybe, MAYBE a bit like Burton C. Bell). The songs on this album are arranged very well, cool riffs and little guitar fills...
Some songs are very "Providence" (R.I. where the band is from)...and Burton from Fear Factory even does some guest screaming on "TK-421". It's hard to describe in words, so just go buy it!

I'd recomend catching these guys live, but unfortunately singer Jay Berndt left the band several months ago to get married or something, and they are currently still looking for a replacement.