Indian Ladder (Small Stone 2008)

Album review

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Ironweed sound the like the stoner rock equalivent of a party rock band from the 80's. I'm sure they don't mean to, but that's what they remind me of, at least for the first 2 tracks. It sounds like they might've been going for a Bongzilla sound, but fell into the cocaine pile first. The music and vocals are a bit too upbeat and happy for my taste on most of this album. It's like a drinking/party album, upbeat and groovy, which is fine, but surprisingly the lyrics are quite serious and of heavy topic/social nature, and they are delivered in a way that negates the heaviness of what they are trying to get across. The mood of the music just isn't one of "I'm going to get really stoned and put this album on and think about some really heavy shit that might change my whole outlook on life". It's more the musical mood of "I'm going to pop open a beer, put this cd on and get waaasted and not even pay attention to the lyrics". You've got something going here fellas, just tone it down a bit with the happiness.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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