Iron Maiden

Brave New World (2000 Potrait/Columbia) Out May 30th!

Album review

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Does this cd have a fuckin' cool album cover or what? Maiden had some of the coolest album covers all through the 80's...the kind where you'd see the cover and have no idea what the band sounded like, but had to buy it and check it out just becuase the cover was so fucking know what I mean?
Ahhh, new long have we waited for a new album with both Bruce and Adrian back in the band? too long! Well here it is...and it's...different.
"The Wicker Man" is classic Maiden, while "Blood Brothers" is unlike anything I've heard from's epic, and very melodic, which isn't unusual for Maiden, but it's softer. However, "The Fallen Angel" was made to be cranked at full volume, with the bass turned up to 10...ahh, you remember when bands used to have real guitar solos? It's all here.
Parts of this album remind me of Bruce's solo efforts...very melodic, but not crushingly heavy. There are the signature dual guitar harmonies, and the double bass drums come in here and there...the galloping know it's Maiden right away, but there are a few twists and turns on this one.

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