In Flames

Clayman (2000 Nuclear Blast) out July 3rd in Europe, July 25th in the U.S.

Album review

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I'd heard these guys before and wasn't that impressed...but I must say this album kicks ass.
This is fast, melodic, metal...laden with those riffs and harmony parts that can't help but remind you of Iron Maiden, and why they were one of the biggest metal bands of the 80's. This album isn't sickeningly heavy or pounding...sounds like it's in standard tuning...but it's totally metal, REAL metal...there's the doublebass, and the oldschool guitar parts...which sound like old Lightning-era Metallica here and there. The vocals, which mostly consist of yelling in key, remind me of Soilwork...nothing great, but it fits the music well. Again, you hear alot of Iron Maiden in here guitar-wise...The arrangment and overall sound is pretty killer, good stuff...definately go check it out when it's released!
Fav tracks: "Pinball Map", "Only For The Weak" (very cool pre-chorus), "..As the Future repeats today"

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