Identity 6: Behold Another World

(Compilation album) (1999 Century Media)

Album review

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Ah, another compilation cd..let's see here...this sucker has everything from death metal, hardcore, rap metal, power metal, and goth metal to black metal, and is apparently only gonna cost you guys a whopping $3.98. So let's see if it's worth it!

1. Stuck Mojo - "Hatebreed" pretty cool..a bit like Sevendust but heavier
2. Skinlab - "Second Skin" very cool stuff
3. Moonspell - "Lustmord" creepy black metal...and cool shit
4. Sentenced - "No More Beating As One" not too shabby
5. Shadows Fall - "The First Noble Truth" ahh...not the best I've heard from these guys, but not bad either...
6. Krisiun - "Soul Devourer" *sigh* death metal...not too bad though
7. Dark Tranquillity - "Doberman" wierd...
8. Jag Panzer - "King At A Price" a tad cheesy
9. Samael - "Supra Karma" ahh Samael..beautifully twisted..
10. Tiamat - "For Her Pleasure" cool creepy vocals
11. Soilwork - "The Chainhart Machine" cool death metal..vocals sound a bit like Strapping Young Lad!
12. Winters Bane - "Heart Of A Killer" a tad cheesy...
13. Mental Home - "Eternal Moan" very melodic...and strange..
14. Merauder - "Find My Way" heavy shit...
15. Arch Enemy - "Pilgrim" A more blantent ripoff of the chorus riff of Blue Oyster Cult's "Astronomy" can't be possible. Otherwise, it's ok..hehe
16. Old Man's Child - "Obscure Divine Manifestion" eh...not my thing
17. Angel Dust - "Black Rain" pretty cool...
18. Eyehategod - "Story Of The Eye" strange...

There's some cool shit on here, maybe some bands you've never heard of that you could get turned on to...and it's only 4 bucks..go get it!

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