Devin Townsend

Physicist (2000 Hevydevy Records)

Album review

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I put in a request to review this album some time ago, weeks went by and I figured that no one at this litle label up in Canuckland had time for my piss ant little web 'zine down here...but sure enough a venture out to the mailbox today held an early Christmas present in the form of a package covered with Canadian stamps. And so here I have it to share with you, Devin Townsend's latest mad creation, "Physicist".
This project features the same musicians we've come to know and..err.. fear in Strapping Young Lad, and of course they provide the same sonic assult on your ears. The mood is different, some of the sounds are even more strange, and it's slightly more..."mellow"? if that's possible. As usual Devin ventures into territory that is bizzare and never boring. I guess a better description would be that if this type of stuff were ever played on a commercial rock station these days sandwiched inbetween the crap that passes for hard rock and metal, most of the listeners would swerve off into a tree while driving. This cd is a definate headtrip.

fav tracks:
"Planet Rain"

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While this album is currently out in Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia, there's no distribution in the U.S., so if you happen to live in the country with no president, (bwhaha) you can get it (and every other Devin/STL album) online by going to or by mail order for $15 (including shipping!) - HevyDevy Records P.O. Box 153, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 7G1, Canada ...or call (604) 460-1663