Rob Halford

Resurrection (Metal-Is, 2000)

Album review

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Rob Halford established himself as one of the godfathers of metal over the last 20 or so years with Judas Priest, and if you ever had any doubts about his metal authority, this album will surely put all concerns to rest. This is real metal, there are actual guitar solos, melodic clean sections, clear downtuned 7 string guitars, no songs with only 3 chords, no incomperhensible mumbling... no bullshit, just straightforward, killer metal. After the first few listens this is good stuff, but then it really sinks in and goes from good to amazing...not just Halford's voice, but the song structures and melodies, actual talent here! Nothing like the crap being fed to everyone on the "rock" radio stations right now, this shit will send the kids in Creed shirts running home to mama.

Fav tracks: "Locked and Loaded", "Cyberworld", "Twist", and "Savior"