Enterprises (Small Stone Records 2008)

Album review

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Hackman's new album starts you off with a 4+ minute stomping, grooving, heavy-as-fuck instrumental, dominating all, and setting the tone for the entire album. Crushing, miserable, mostly instrumental, doom. Mmmmmmmmmm. Can I get some Karma To Burn with a side order of Neurosis? It's hard to face, but this newest offering from Hackman just may be even better than their debut. This time around they had producer Andrew Schneider at the helm, and it's a surprisingly thick and heavy sound for the trio. This album is perfect for a cold, dark, winter in the Northeast.
Hackman, yet another local band to watch out for...holy shit, does New England have a doom scene? Ooohhhh, it just might.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2008 AbsolutMetal