Lights Out (Nuclear Blast 2012)

Album review

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A few albums have come out in the past month that have had me wondering 'How do I review this without permanently affixing my lips to said band's ass, and going on for 3 or 4 paragraphs blabbing about how fucking great they are?' Well, with this album it's pretty goddamn impossible. Thanks for being so badass Graveyard, now I have to type more. I tried to keep the other fantastic albums short, but I donno.
I mean how does one outdo Graveyard's previous opus 'Hisingen Blues'? That was a fucking bluesy masterpiece. That's some pressure right there. Shit I wouldn't want to have to follow that album.
'Lights Out' spreads the band's tentacles ever so slightly over new area, and does not disappoint. It's ever so slightly less aggressive musically overall, and lyrically well, "No I don't want your job, no I won't live a lie" is just one great line in 'The Suits, the Law, and the Universe'. "Time is what you got, so do you know who is getting yours?" Good stuff. And vocally...well I'd say more daring because there's a song on here that could pass for Nick Cave easily (Hard Times Lovin'). Gnarly blues riffage and clear signs of real actual rock n' roll, Graveyard are still in their prime after 3 albums and show no signs of slowing down.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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