The Way Of All Flesh (Prosthetic Records 2008)

Album review

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Gojira, (the Japanese spelling of Godzilla) more than live up to their name with this new foray into the metal unknown. With a sound consisting of monumental progessive death metal elements but including indescribable unknown influences and extremes, these guys continue to redifine the genre and push boundries. In short, no one sounds like fucking Gojira.
I found the band's last album to be extremely impressive, if anything this one tops it. In a land of generic-sounding death metal, it's beyond refreshing to hear a band like Gojira.
Since Gojira is so hard to describe, and there's no way I'm going to join the pack labeling them "avant garde" metal, (that only scrapes the surface of this band) I've got my own gay label for them, "planet metal". It all stems from their lyrics, (for fuck's sake please pay attention to the lyrics and messages the bands you listen to are trying to get across, for they are very, very important messages...at least in this case). You see Gojira live over 6,000 miles away from here and speak another native tounge, yet they are still angry as fuck about the same bullshit that drives me insane on a daily basis. Titles like "Toxic Garbage Island", (a lovely little ditty about that huge patch of trash floating around the Pacific ocean...next time you shop anywhere you may want to ask yourself if you need a fucking plastic bag for that one or 2 items that can fit in your hand?) speak of our moronic treatment of the earth as a species, while "A Sight To Behold" tells of our childish treatment of each other, and it's eventual outcome. Wow, these guys are just as frustrated, confused, and pissed off about stupid, ignorant humans who are killing the planet as I am...that's impressive. Gojira have written yet another masterful soundtrack to the agonizing, unnessesary, death of our planet. Let's hope someone is listening and paying attention.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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