Worship and Tribute (Warner Bros. Records 2002)

Album review

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Okay, first off I like this band, but I've always had a problem with the vocals. Don't get me wrong, when Daryl actually sings he's got a great voice but he is a bit to spazzy for me when he's just screeching or whining, whatever you wanna call it. I say it sucks. But, the music behind him is incredible, if you took Machine Head at it's heaviest and Tool at their quietest then you would have a Glassjaw cd. On this cd, ("Worship and Tribute") it's no different with music that is so atmospheric it's chilling, but again the vocals kill what could have been. However on tracks like "Mu Empire" and Cosmopolitan Blood" Daryl sings, and sings damn well so check this out if you've had your daily dose of ritalin.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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