Garage Inc. Review

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This is even better than I expected..sure I already had Garage Days Re-Revisited (as any true fan does) and the singles with every damn cover they had put out so far (everything on cd2) so, I was thinking "great, I get to blow money on a cd with 16 songs I already have and get 11 new covers that might, or might not be so great". (But it was only $16.99!)

Turns out it was well worth it. The 11 new covers are killer, the 2 Discharge songs ("Free Speech For The D umb" and "The More I See") sound like they could've been on Re-Revisited, fast, raw and punkish with a sound we've been missing for the last few albums.

"It's Electric" while not the best Diamond Head song they could've chosen (I bet it was Lars' Idea...HAHAHAHA) came out better than I though it would (less cheesy).

Sabbra Cadabra is heavy as shit, and cutting out Sabbath's original middle section and putting in the begining of "A National Acrobat" worked really well, (not mention the riffs rule).

"Turn The Page" is massively heavier than the original, James sings better than ever, Kirk's lead's add a erie backdrop to this tune,(And the video rules, best vid since "One").

"Die, Die My Darling" while a killer choice for a Misfits song, (I thought they'd do London Dungeon though) kinda disapointed me. The band seems tuned a bit lower which doesn't quite work here and the song is sped up a bit and the feel just isn't right,(not mention James changes or maybe messes up a few lyrics).

The cov er of Nick Cave's "Loverman" was a strange yet cool choice, they made the chorus much heavier than the original, but left out the dark piano parts and Danzig-ish bells and that make the original downright creepy.

The Mercyful Fate jam is heavy as hell "12 minutes of satan" but where's "Nuns Have no Fun" and "Devil's Eyes"? eh, maybe next time. The guitar tone is killer, the band's next album would sound great like this (hint, hint)

"Astronomy" starts out all nice and then the chorus hits you and slams you through a wall face first "HEY!" The kick drum sounds fuckin great too.

"Whiskey In The Jar" is a definate favorite on this cd, strong melodic killer riff, the song screams "get drunk and mosh". James trying to sound all Irish while singing is an added bonus. I thought they'd cover "The Boys Are Back In town" but that was too obvious eh?

I like this version of Skynyrd's "Tuesday's Gone" better than the original, Randy Staub and Mike Fraser did a hell of a job cleaning up the mix, getting that annoying as fuck DJ out of there and fixing Pepper's vocals a bit, even though he's still waaaaay out of key at the end (I know, I know, he was probably wasted..heh heh)

Of course everything on cd2 is fuckin' killer, and even though alot of Metallica fans already have all or most of those covers...(or SHOULD HAVE those covers) it's cool having them all on one cd. Now the newbies have no excuse for not knowing their shit at shows...muhahaha

Only major problem with this 2 cd set, at about 2:00 into Last Caress/Green Hell there's a major mixing fuck-up.

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