Fogcutter (Signed By Force 2008)

Album review

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So there's this really heavy, really amazing band from Canada, (land of hockey and unversal healthcare) called Fiftywatthead, and their debut album "Fogcutter" arrived in my mailbox. And when I put the cd in, and the first track did a spin around back kick to my face. If you're into stoner rock and doom, this is a band not to ignore. Influenced by Eyehategod, Clutch and everywhere in between, these guys have made quite a sound for themselves, although the vocals sound just like someone I can't put my finger on...perhaps Neurosis or early Clutch. "Fogcutter" consists of 8 tracks of solid heavy goodness. "Four Points" opens with a teeth-kicking riff with a strange time signature and from there on it's all about the riffs.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

2009 AbsolutMetal