Fear Factory

Transgression (Calvin Records/Liquid 8 2005)

Album review

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Wow, Fear Factory went all diverse on this one...still trying to let it all sink in. I mean, since when do you hear a guitar lead on a Fear Factory album? There aren't that many so don't get too excited, but the guitar playing has definately expanded into another territory. I liked the direction Fear Factory were heading in on the last album, but this one has more of a pop feel on it with some tracks, 80's influences creeping in on some tracks while the usual fast blast beat industrial riffing that we know and love fills the rest. But there isn't as much aggression, it doesn't grab you right off the bat like "Archetype" or "Demanufacture" does. Those who prefer Burton's clean vocals will get their fill on this album. He's singing alot more which is cool, but I dig the growling style shit too..."Contagion" is very decent Fear Factory with a melodic touch, "Echo Of My Scream" is easily the most mellow thing they've ever done, while "Supernova" sounds more suited to Burton's Acension Of The Watchers project. I was hoping they'd go all heavy on the U2 cover, (anyone remember their Agnosic Front cover? that was the shit) but no luck. "Millennium" (another cover) reminds me of a Hatebreed riff...Killing Joke wrote it first and Fear Factory do it up heavy. The only ones that really kick my ass so far are the title track, and the closing track, "Moment Of Impact" which definately stands out on this one. Fear Factory have again attempted to expand their sound, but when they stick to their roots they pull off better albums on the whole.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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