Fear Factory

Obsolete (1998 Roadrunner)

Album review

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Those of you fearing an album full of techno dance beats can rest at ease.
This album is another concept masterpiece from Fear Factory, as crushing and incredible as "Demanufacture" yet slightly different and evolved. Put on any song on this album, and you can instantly tell it's Fear Factory. However, this is not "Demanufacture part 2". The keyboards, samples, insane riffs, and all the other Fear Factory trademarks are in there, and a few tunes might even remind you of the last album. But songs like "Descent", "Edgecrusher", "Resurrection", and the disturbing "Timelessness" (complete with string arrangments) sound nothing like anything they've done before.
The lyrics are ingenious as usual, and tell a cool story (like the last album). This album, (like "Demanufacture") tells a well plotted story of a need for change, a character fighting the system with all odds against him. (well, you figure it out, I didn't write it).
The vocals are different on some songs, melodic and sweet at times, downright scary at other times. In a few tunes it sounds like Burton is trying something new with his amazing voice. Burton has the talent of actually singing over an evil riff and making it seem heavier than screaming. When he does scream, you can actually tell what the fuck he is saying and he changes between the two styles in the perfect places.
Obsolete is full of crushing guitar riffs and the insane drumming you were hoping for from Raymond. Christian's bass is clearer in the mix this time around, only adding to the heavyness of the over-all sound.

Those who say metal is dead shall soon be Obsolete...