Fear Factory

Demanufacture (1995 Roadrunner)

Album review

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I've had this cd for 4 years now, but felt it needed a review (since it fucking RULES). This is about the 2nd cd I'd ever bought without first ever hearing the band (the first being Machine Head's "Burn My Eyes"). I plunked down $11 or whatever not knowing if I'd even like the band let alone the cd...I went home, put it on..and almost had to change my pants. I'd never heard music so fucking brutal, but with keyboards! Never heard someone growling one minute and then singing like a church choir boy the next...Burton's voice is fucking AMAZING... The lyrics are so killer, dare I say ingenious? Never knew a real drummer could play so fucking fast, yet stay that tight..and the riffs! HOLY SHIT! This album is a total MINDFUCK and still stands today as my favorite Fear Factory album (and one of my fav albums overall in general).
This album doesn't sound that much like their first ("Soul Of A New Machine" 1992) but you know it's Fear Factory as soon as you hear it. There isn't much of the death metal style that was very dominate on last album, but that's ok...this is better...
The first thing you hear on this album (besides a keyboard effect) are Raymond's drums, they have a totally differnt style in that the complex rhythms are done with his feet while his hands keep a regular beat, not only does this sound cool, but the fills and rhythms are SICK!
...Then Dino's almighty riffing starts, and is so heavy you'd swear your head is caving in. The guitar is so tight with the drums, nailed note for note (hummm...ProTools? but then they pull it off live too!) and before you know it you're moshing around breaking stuff.
The opening track (and title track) "Demanufacture" is a full on metal assualt, and it doesn't let up until the end of the album. "I've got, no more goddam regrets! I've got no more goddam respect!" The songs are crushing and have pounding hypnotic grooves.
The vocals...where to begin? Burton has an amazing voice and the ability to be growling like satan one minute, and then singing killer melodic stuff the next. And from what I've heard he's got a nice vocal range too..
As far as the lyrics on this album are concerned, each song tells a story (yep, like the album after it, "Obsolete" this is a concept album) It's not as obvious as "Obsolete", but it's there. This is cool because the only other concept album I own (and like) is Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime". Not many bands do concept albums anymore, and I'm guessing they are really hard to write.

If I had to pick favorite tracks...
"Self Bias Resistor"
"Zero Signal"
"Pisschrist" (is it just me, or does everyone get goosebumps near the end of this song?)
"New Breed"

I'm gonna end up listing the whole album...
Anyways, if there could possibly be ANYTHING wrong with this album, it's "where's the bass???" The bass doubles Dino's guitar note for note in most places, and there's no really distinct bass sound...but, that's it.