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Elder are a local band currently at the top of my "kicking myself for not having seen them live yet" list. And now that I've got their Meteor City debut, I'll be kicking myself even harder if I miss them again. Letting employment get in the way of seeing awesome bands is just irresponsible, I really need to get my shit together.
Elder sound like Black Sabbath, Sleep, Bongzilla, something else I can't put my finger on yet, and Blue Cheer...with vocals reminiscent of Prong's Tommy Victor, rolled into a ball with a dab of Pelican. Yeah, take that. It's heavy, strong groove-laden fun at it's best, the riffs are very, very catchy. Elder are a band of the almighty riff, which places them high in my book. They also seem to have a strong affection for wah pedals and slick, bluesy leads. It's so good, it's silly. Bloody hell, what have I been missing?

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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