Breed The Killers (1998, RoadRunner)

Album Review

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This cd is HEAVY, the riffs are great, in fact the opening riff, and the pre-chorus riff to "Ultramilitance" have to be 2 of my all time favorites. When you hear this album you can just imagine the carnage it would cause in a mosh pit, It's hardcore at it's best.

Not only does this crushing ball of noise have great guitarwork and some fine drummin', but also Robb Flynn from Machine Head lending his screaming skills on the track "One Against All"..

There only one thing wrong here...Earth Crisis writes some VERY cool and important lyrics, but you can barely make them out in the songs! If only Karl Buechner would SING just a little bit, or even yell... his singing style makes the lyrics almost totally incomprehensible. You might say "well who cares, the lyrics are in the cd booklet". This is true, however some people don't read the lyrics, and in a live situation you'd think the band would want to get across the message in the lyrics. Eh, well other that that, this cd is pretty fuckin cool.