Dying Fetus

Stop At Nothing (Relapse 2003)

Album review

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In wake of several key band members leaving the band to form Misery Index last year, many feared that the new album wouldn't be the same Fetus we had all come to know and love. So, this is an ablum that tests new waters as to if the new line-up can pull it off. Well, they do. John Gallagher can still write sick riffs and it shows.
With parts of early Fetus, (Purification Through Violence) and the most resent, (Destroy The Opposition), this album is not only worthy of the band, it's one of the best they've done. New vocalist Vince Matthews handles Jason Netherton's slot with brutal skill and doesn't let up for a second. Still technical, yet the slamming groove never stops and crushes like the last two albums. "Schematics", "Abandon All Hope" and "Stop At Nothing" will bulldoze your speakers and no doubt will be heard live. "Vengeane Unleashed" is one of the tightest and most destructive songs they've ever written. This will be on the set list for years to come, no question. If you are a Fetus fan, never fear, the brutality is STILL here! If you aren't a fan, but are looking for something new to kick your ass, get this album and bend over! One of my new top 20 albums of 2003 is ready to give you the boot.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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