Drain STH

Freaks Of Nature (The Enclave 1999)

Cd Review

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This is Drain STH's second album (and the first one really kicked ass). This band from Sweden are the first and only female band that I really like..(sure L7 is ok..but..) This band is heavy and has a sound of their own...

This album has all those trademark Drain STH sounds, the killer guitar tone, and slow groovy crunching riffs.. Songs like "Enter My Mind" "Crave" tell you that's it's definately Drain STH...but this album also ventures off in some new directions with songs like "Simon Says" and "Right Through You" which have some unexpected but cool twists.
Although I saw Drain STH perform a few of these new tunes live at Ozzfest "Enter My Mind", "Leech" and "Crave", I'm only now getting a feel for this album...