Beyond Colossal (Small Stone 2008)

Album review

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I've got a soft spot for Dozer, their music gives me a strange sense of deja-vu that I can never quite put my finger on... and you really can't go wrong with quality stoner rock from Sweden.
Dozer's 5th album is rather exceptional, possibly their best work so far, "Beyond Colossal" runs the whole gammet through different mood changes, tempos, highs and lows. It flows, it grooves, and Clutch's Neil Fallon rears his head on both "Empire's End", and "Two Coins For Eyes". Dozer use alot of vocal melodies and guitar harmonies that freak me out. It's what makes Dozer unique and unparalleled, and they've perfected it on this album.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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