Universal (Hawino Records 2004)

Album review

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Downset, the band that just won't die, (and that's a good thing). No matter how many line-up changes, bad record deals, and industry bullshitters they've had to endure, Downset has survived in one form or another. Now featuring Rey Oropeza, on vocals, Brian Schwager on guitar, Rico Villasenor on bass, and Chris Lee on drums, they've come back to reclaim their hip hop influenced hardcore. This album starts off strong with "All Crews", and then continues to bring what you'd expect from Downset. "The Rush" shows off some different, lighter, vocal stylings from Rey which he varies throughout the album. The vocals continue to carry Downset's politically charged message to a new generation, while catchy riffs and spacious drum beats carry the songs.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie