Check Your People (Epitaph, 2000)

Album review

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This is REAL hardcore/rap-metal, not that poppy fake crap you hear on the radio...these guys practically started this whole scene, and this latest release proves that they still front it. This album slams from begining to end, the riffs crush, the lyrics anger and inspire, you can almost see a moshpit forming in your room when you put it on.
These guys mixed it up a bit on the album, it's hardly boring with little surprises like the opening riff to "Together", definately not a typical hardcore/metal riff, but almost AC/DC like... bluesy. This band has taken it to the next of the best albums released this year without a doubt...go get it!

fav tracks:

"Together" (my god, what a riff...)
"Check Your People"
"No Home (Steady!)"
"Chemical Strangle"
"Tear Us Apart"