Dillinger Escape Plan

Miss Machine (Relapse Records 2004)

Album review

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So, a lot of hype for this one. Well, first off this is the band's first new release since the highly acclaimed "Calculating Infinity", which was released back in '99. So on top of that they also switched up singers. After doing a one off EP with Mike Patton, the boys from Jersey took some time to find themselves the best possible front man, and I only use that word 'cause after you go from Patton, you really need someone who can step up and be in the same ballpark as that man. Greg Puciato, tries his best attempt at Patton's vocals and after the first half of the record you start to wonder if he listened to anything prior to the Mike Patton, D.E.P release "Irony is a Dead Scene". The one thing I love about this record is the fact the D.E.P took the time to make songs and not math problems on their instruments. It has melody and gives Puciato a chance to sing, and I mean sing. He doesn't scream all the way thru like the majority of the older records and EPs. Now don't get me wrong here, the record is almost Bi-Polar in a sense that the first half and second half are fighting within itself to keep an identity, one that is the new, and one trying to starve off the old. But with tracks like "Panasonic Youth", and "Highway Robbery", (in which I personally feel is the best track on here), the chorus is the catchiest thing DEP has done yet. But it doesn't end there, bringing in an almost atmospheric vibe on tracks like "We are the Storm", and "Unretrofied"...which is my right up there with one of the best tracks on here. Now tracks like "Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants" which is also up there with the better tracks, and "Baby's First Coffin" almost makes you feel they were left over from the "Irony is Dead Scene" records and brought in to fill out the record. Great tracks, but they almost feel out of place. In that sense I believe this is the rebirth of the Dillinger Escape Plan and we'll see it in several different records, fighting over itself 'till they nail down the new.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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