Dies Irae

The Sin War (Metal Blade 2002)

album review

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Many cds are sent to this office for review, many of the bands we've never heard of, (like these guys), but every once in awhile we hear something that deserves some attention. Dies Irae is such a band.
There's some sick-ass death metal blasting from my speakers, I just have to put it into words for you, the reader. I guess if you took some old Sepulutra and fused it with some Morbid Angel and Napalm Death you'd come close to Dies Irae. But then it gets complicated. In the first few minutes of track 1, "Comrade Of Death", you find your head spinning as the band goes from straight-on thrash, into death, to a solo, back into blast beats, then into something that could've been a tribal break on "Chaos A.D.". Sick shit I tell ya. "Infinity" is also somewhat awe inspiring, death metal peppered with funk bass breaks and melodic solos. Keep an eye on these guys, someone will notice sooner or later.

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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