The Devin Townsend Band

Accelerated Evolution (InsideOut Music 2003)

album review

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Hevy Devy is on a roll, after just blessing us with a new Strapping Young Lad album, he's managed to release yet another project (does this guy ever sleep?). As with all of Devin's projects, this one shows a different style, moody, flowing compositions and unmatched creativity. The guitarwork is amazing ("Away"), the lyrics dancing on the fine line between genius and insanity ("Random Analysis"). This album seems a bit more personal than SYL, and even a bit poppy in some places ("Slow Me Down") but many tracks retain the heavyness and oh so metal sound we love so much ("Deadhead"). Those already farmilliar with Devin's past works will surely not be dissapointed with this one, and if you're not already farmilliar with his projects, then what the hell is wrong with you eh? If nothing else this album will solidify Devin's place as a guitar god.

Reviewed by: Wolfie

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