White Pony (Maverick, 2000)

Album review

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Previous efforts from the Deftones have had me torn...on one hand I like the music...on the other hand Chino's singing style annoyed the hell out of me. It's the whining thing... I can't freakin' stand it! But I figured I'd give it another shot with White Pony...
This album is dark, moody and twisted...although I haven't gone through and read all the lyrics yet, I can tell they are fucked up shit! Plus there's more singing and outright screaming on here, so I can definately handle the vocal style this time around. There's some creative riffage on here, namely on "Korea" (damn, that's a cool riff!), and what more can I say about that tune with Maynard James Keenan on guest vocals? KILLER! Alot of cool guitar effects and different sounds on here, a varied and unique album that's refreshing in a sea of commercial bands that all sound the same.

Fav tracks:
"Korea", "Passenger", "Change"