Nihility (Earache 2002)

Album review

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These young Polish boys are, for the most part, still dealing with high school. So, most wouldn't belive that they are also fighting with Vader for the crown of Poland's Death Metal kingdom. In their second album in two years, Decapitated have begun to overtake the metal underground. Mixing dark European grindy death with black metal, they have produced eight tracks of pitch black, evil death metal. Earache has, without a doubt, found a new metal giant. While it is a young growing giant, it is a giant beyond it's years in pure talent. With slots on the European Ozzfest and even a name drop on MTV, (we are always popping out from under the radar of the mainstream for a second to remind people that REAL metal never dies, it gets stronger.) it seems Decapitated has a good looking future ahead of them. So, pick up this cd, so you can heard the sound of the future of metal!

Reviewed by: Dan White

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