Dark Castle

Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (Profound Lore 2011)

Album review

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Florida's Dark Castle are only a duo, but I think they win the 'most noise with only guitar and drums' award. I had the fortune to see them live, (where they make quite the lasting impression) before getting my hands on this album, and they made quite the earth-shaking racket. Amps running through amps running through speakers and such. I think a massively oversimplified description of their sound would be Eyehategod fucking Godflesh while YOB watches...but it's alot more diverse than that. It's complex and takes the ears a few listens to fully sink in. First we're met with crushing riffs, pounding drums, crazy rhythms, and angry tortured vocals...which later give way to haunting chants, strange synth sounds, and some shit that's heavy on a whole other level. The way it's all put together is quite refreshing despite the short length of the album (which I haddn't even noticed).
In short, Dark Castle are excellent, and they make the heavy music that I love that much less of a goddamn sausage fest. Would be nice to see more of that.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie

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