Danzig 7: I luciferi (Spitfire 2002)

Album review

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It has been over three years since the last time Glenn Danzig has released an album, and even longer since he has released a metal album. The past 2 releases had been somewhat techno-metal. On "I luciferi" he has returned to his roots.
"I luciferi" is true Danzig the way he should be. No echo effects, no synthesized vocals, no other computerized bullshit, just straight up rock and roll. This 13 song cd has several tracks that sound like they belong on "Danzig". Certain tracks also sound thrashy, along with two Glenn Danzig-style ballads.
This is Glenn and the boys most evil sounding album to date. Its about time Satanís disciples are back on track and ready to kick your ass this dirty black summer with a tour.

Album Rating:
Reviewed by: Brandon Marshall