None So Live (Century Media 2003)

Album review

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Recorded live in the summer of 2002 in their home city of Montreal, this is twelve tracks of Cryptopsy live and at the top of their game. Great sound, great set list, and just great Cryptopsy. New singer Martin Lacroix comes screaming out of the gates like a bastard of original singer Lord Wyrm and headbanging faster then even Cannibal Corpse's own CorpseGrinder himself. He roars and shrieks as flawlessly and the rest of the band, and plays the techincal, jazz-influenced death metal that has floored so many fans worldwide. They even pull out the old school drum solo into the 21st Century and make it sound as good as ever. From the creepy intro, to the blood soaked set closer of "Slit Your Guts", this is a live album that many bands hope for and few get, sounding as true to the band as possible.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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