Red Hot Chili Peppers

Californication (1999 Warner Bros)

Album review

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Ah, the Chili Peppers, not exactly metal, but aren't they cool? This is the first Chili's album with John Frusciante back in the band, and probably their best since..."Blood, Suger, Sex, Magic".
This album has some really strange sounding stuff..even for the Chili Peppers...It sounds like Anthony is singing in Japanese on parts of "Around The World", and "Right On Time" sounds like a freakin' disco track. "Porcelain" is very moody...almost reminds me of a Beetles song in some spots.
There is also some standard stuff on here..."Scar Tissue" sounds like the usual slow Chili's tune, while "Get On Top" is classic arressive Chili's with rap-like lyrics and pounding bass throughout. The title track, "Californication" is slow but very of my favorites..."I Like Dirt" is jazzy and upbeat, and like most of the album it showcases Flea's crazy basswork. "Purple Stain" is pretty cool too..."interesting" lyrics...haha.