What Doesn't Kill You... (Type A Records 2004)

Album review

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Ok, so this isn't the normal Candiria record, but in all seriousness can you ever really call any one of their records a normal Candiria record? The band goes thru several different types of changes on each album, constantly attempting to evolve into the stage of metal for years to come. The title of the records holds a 'lil more meaning this time around, as last winter while on tour the band was within inches of death... literally. The album cover is a picture of the van that got destroyed in the accident. But I really think this would have been the natural progress for the band to take, whether that event took place or not. The band still have their signature guitar lines, stop-start odd timing riffs, and Carley's huge vox, (like his hovering over you screaming "revolution, evolution" in your ear). A lot of people might think Candiria is selling out on this record, and that talk is straight up bullshit. Just 'cause you decide to sing on a record and have a 'lil bit of melody doesn't mean you sold out. This is one of the best things to come out of Hardcore in the last couple of years. Tracks like "The Nameless King" has a bit of the In Flames/At the Gates feel to it, but done Candiria style. Plus it's one of the most amazing tracks on here. When I got the record I listened to that track alone 15-20 times. Tracks like that, and "Remove Yourself", "Down", "Dead Bury the Dead", and "1000 Points of Light" are all in the same vein. Great melody and feeling, just pulsating from speakers. The chorus is huge on each track. Tracks like "Blood" are true to form old school Candiria style hardcore, minus a lot of the jazz on here. But Candiria weren't about pigeon hole themselves, that's why they orginally added jazz, rap, and blues to harcore in the first place. Don't Miss the Evolution of Heavy Music go get this.

Reviewed by: Godawfulcommiepigfuckingbastards

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