The Coma Imprint (Lakeshore/Coma Imprint Records 2002)

Album review

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Brooklyn's finest musical genius come back with a double helping of tunes. Their double cd has a cd full of old songs and a few new ones re-done and re-mastered. Songs like "Year One", "Paradigm Shift", "Riding The Spiral" and the Method Man cover "Bring Tha Pain" hammer you with Candiria's beloved Jazz/Metal/Hardcore/Hip-Hop sound. One second you're listening to a rap freestyle, the next you're tearing up the pit right before you slow down to the band free jamming with horns and ambient keyboards and samples. If you're a deep Candiria fan, check it out. The second disc has artists from Candiria's own label, The COMA Imprint. While some of the rappers like Kid Gambino and Chief bring some very talented and inventive Hip-Hop to the table, the rest has instrumentals and ambient techno which I didn't find too interesting. More or less they dragged the second cd out too much. Overall, the cd is worth your time and money.

Reviewed by: Dan White

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