300 Percent Densisty (2001 Century Media)

Album review

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There is a reason that Rolling Stone called this band one of the top ten metal bands around now. That was before this ablum came out. This takes that reason and cranks it up times 10! This is up on my album of the year list. Candiria debuts on Century Media Records with an album that mixes Metal, Hardcore, Jazz Fusion, and Hip-Hop and makes it work amazingly well. Like Meshuggah, (a name that they get compared to a lot) they seem like a bands band at first, but they suck you in with tracks like WITHOUT WATER, SIGNS OF DISCONTENT and 300 PERCENT DENSITY and crush your head while boggling your mind with trippy ambeint jazz. Even the pure zoned out rap of WORDS FROM THE LEXICON will keep you listening, metalhead or hardcore kid and all. Candiria proves that they are going to be moving at a frightening pace in the underground scene.
In two words: FUCKING AWESOME!

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Reviewed by: Dan White