Burnt By the Sun

Live from the Relapse Contamination Festival (Relapse Records 2005)

album review

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This isn't just a live record here folks, this is a period of time that no longer exsists. As members have left, replacements have been made, the line up on here and the songs being performed will never be heard the way they are this disc. This is the last time Burnt By the Sun took the stage as a 5 piece band and played a set filled with their best material to date. While touring on "Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution" they stopped in Philadelphia for the first ever Relapse Contamination Festival which featured every band from the Relapse roster on it, and while I've heard the other two records put out from this 'lil Fest. I have to say this is the best performance and best sound outta the three. The others being Bongzilla and Dysrhythmia.

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