Brujerizmo (2000 RoadRunner/Kool Arrow)

Album Review

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Finally, after 5 long years we hear new material from the imfamous death metal mexican rebels known only as Brujeria. This album is "rumored" to have members of Fear Factory, FNM, Napalm Death, Cradle Of Filth, and Dimmu Borgir. Methinks it's more than rumor when you hear the drums and guitar on "Vayan Sin Miedo" can almost see a certain big boned guitarist and a trail of tacos. As usual the lyrics are all in Spanish, probably controversial (if I could figure them out), and the music heavy as fuck. This album grooves and crushes, total metal, with a twist to it that could only be Brujeria. The drums are furious and put most death metal drummers to shame, the riffs heavy, yet catchy. Good stuff indeed, another fine if only they'd tour!

Fav tracks:

"Vayan Sin Miedo"
"Cuiden A Los Ninos"