Raza Odiada (1995 RoadRunner)

Album Review

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This is the infamous Brujeria, they have a few albums out, and some hilarious singles (like "Marijuana") if you know anything about them already, you know that the identites of the band members, and even the guests on their albums, are closely guarded and kept secret (for the most part). There are a few members which might be in other bands... *couFearFactorygh* and a few guests *couFaith No Moregh* But, that's just a rumor right? You might have also heard some of the lovely song titles from other albums (like "Matando gŁeros", hehe which I think means "kill whitey")

Although some people in this country won't be able to figure out any of the words to this cd, they should check it out anyways. Yep, it's ALL in spanish, I took french, so I'm pretty lost here..I can cuss someone out in Spanish, but that's about it (so there are a few words on here I can make out...heh heh).

Not that it matters much what language the lyrics are in the music is killer, the riffs are groovy and pounding, with a sound and style that will be unmistakeable to fans of a certain band (from L.A. that was just on the 2nd stage at Ozzfest)...The drums are killer (heh, I wonder why that is? must be a pretty sick drummer...)

This album goes from groovy metal to classic death metal stuff. A song will be slow and crushing and just dive into a beat that's 200 beats per minute. Fav songs are "Raza Odiada" which I think means "hated race", "Hechando Chingasos" which means "throwing punches"? and "Consejos Narcos" which means "narc advice" or so I'm told..I'm bad at this, but anyways, the cd is pretty KILLER!

Here's a tracklisting with some bad translations...
1. Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson) "Hated Race" (Peter Wilson) *was the govener of CA*
2. Colas De Rata
3. Hechando Chingasos "Throwing punches"?
4. La Migra (Cruza La Frontera II) "The migration"
5. Revolucion "Revolution"
6. Consejos Narcos "Narc Advice"
7. Almas De Venta "Souls For Sale"
8. La Ley De Plomo "Law of the Lead"?
9. Los Tengo Colgando (Chingo De Mecos II) "I have it hanging" ("a shitload of...")
10. Sesos Humanos (Sacrificio IV) "Human Brains"
11. Primer Meco "First Cum"
12. El Patron "The Boss"
13. Hermanos Menendez "Menendez brothers"
14. Padre Nuestro "Our Father"
15. Ritmos Satanicos "Satanic Rhythms"