You'rNext (Small Stone Records 2005)

album review

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Bottom's latest offering comes complete with cover art that looks like it belongs on a Cathedral album cover, but the music inside is something in a relm of it's own. This album starts off mellow enough, laid back guitar noises, drums and bass...atmosphereic here and there, before eventually heading into an angry punk-fueled vocal with feedback screeching forth from the bowels of hell. Occasionally, the mellowness returns, but usually only for a brief period before the passive-agressiveness boils over. Track 5, 'Distordo II' is a definate favorite. It's over 7 minutes of guitar feedback, occasional cymbals and drum rolls, random bass notes...laid back stuff. 'Memories Of Orchard Street' is a badass instrumental also. 'Requiem' has some crazy opera house vocals going on in the middle of it...this album even has a blues tune on it. It's one of those albums you just have to hear for yourself.

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Reviewed by: Wolfie