A Perfect Circle

Mer De Noms (Virgin, 2000)

Album review

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As if I didn't like Maynard enough in Tool, he goes and joins a side project that kicks ass too...
Don't let the first single off this album ("Judith") fool you, it sounds alot like Tool, in my opinion anyways...but the rest of the album does not...(ok, maybe the guitar in "Orestes"). Sure Maynard is still singing, but the songs themselves and even his vocals are quite different...the songs are still moody and slightly errie in places, but softer...not as heavy...there's acoustic guitar on "3 Libras" and the lyrical subjects aren't quite as twisted as what one would find on a Tool album. But enough with the Tool comparisions, fact is, Billy Howerdel can write really good songs and Maynard is a mad genius with a very unique voice.

fav tracks:

"Thinking Of You"

Album Rating:

Reviewed by: Wolfie